Kate Moodley

When you meet Kate Moodley three words come to mind; professional, ambitious and humble.

Kate is an accomplished business woman with a number of academic qualifications which includes a Masters in Law. She began her career in legal but quickly moved into the financial services industry and insurance in particular. Kate has gone from strength to strength starting as a Candidate Attorney with Deneys Reitz. She became a Legal Advisor with Old Mutual in 2003 and moved on to Momentum as a Business Development Manager for Momentum in 2005. Her career grew markedly in Momentum as she established herself first as a Regional Manager and then moved on to General Manager (Executive Management). In 2010, she took the courageous step of becoming a Franchise Director at Discovery - essentially running her own business under the Discovery umbrella.

Professionally she has been recognized as an emerging leader and businesswomen. In 2012 she was selected as the Top 200 South Africans by the Mail and Guardian. She was also selected as the one of the 20 on the Power list by Woman and Home for 2012. She won the Rising Star award for the finance category. In 2011, she won Top Business Women of the Year and also Top Women Executive for South Africa.

Kate has been selected as a spoke-person and chair of the African Women’s International Conference. She has been awarded CEO’s SA’s Most Influential Women in Business and Government for Insurance. She has also been selected as “FNA”s Women who are making a difference. Throughout her career she has sought to establish a consistent and growing personal brand.

Kate has written numerous articles for magazines such as Oprah, Personal Finance, CEO, M-Magazine, Momentarily, Cosmo and Woman and Home., Entrepeneur. Etc. She has just completed her first book titled I Inc.

In her book, I Inc.: Be the CEO of your Brand. Kate explores the lessons she has learnt in her career. Her advice and practical examples provide useful insights into the world of personal branding and will set her readers on the road to leveraging their personal and professional strengths for career success.

Who are You Anyway?

You're every bit as much a brand as Nike, Coke, Pepsi, or The Body Shop. To start thinking like your own favourite brand manager, ask yourself the same questions the brand managers at Nike, Coke, Pepsi, or The Body Shop ask themselves: what is that my product or service does that makes a difference?

- American Author Tom Peters