I could not think of anyone more suited to write a book on “your personal brand” than Kate Moodley.

I remember well the first time I met Kate and thought what a charming and well accomplished young woman she was and reflects everything one would want to emulate. She personifies everything that you would want friends and colleagues to see you as. In all my dealings with Kate, I have found her to be very high in her work ethic and how she deals and speaks to everyone she comes into contact with - carrying through exactly what she puts forward in her book.

I have often been told that Edith Venter is a brand. It was not something that I knowingly went out of my way to do and establish. I was, therefore, interested to see how I would rate against what Kate suggested one should do to develop your personal brand. I was very pleasantly surprised to read that I had done most of what she had suggested totally unaware that I was developing the Edith Venter brand as it is today. I am often asked by young, aspiring men and woman on how I created my brand and how they can go about doing the same. I will have no hesitation whatsoever of recommending them to buy and read I Inc. Be the CEO of your Brand. It has all the do’s and dont’s of how to create and maintain your brand whilst being quoted on some of the most exciting personal brands that exist today.

I congratulate Kate on being so generous with her thoughts and sharing all this wonderful knowledge with everyone looking for guidelines on how to succeed in today’s world whilst establishing their own brand.

It was both an honour and privilege to be asked to write the foreword and I look forward to seeing the success this book will become and for Kate to hopefully follow up with a second book that will contain as many wonderful gems as this one does.